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International network

Where time and space are pleasant companions

We maintain intensive cooperation at regional and international level with creative people and initiators:

Artists, designers, architects, but also manufacturers and craft businesses.

From a carefully maintained and constantly growing network, heldt consulting brings in the right actors for every project. No matter whether it should be a personalized umbrella stand, key ring or signage. An example of a creative, technical partner in the implementation of structural measures is FRAU Architektur & Design GmbH with the renowned architect Dr. Christoph Augustin, who designed the Bayerischer Hof in Munich, among other things. We also work with well-known manufacturers such as Uno Più, Bergan, Roeckl, Serax, Scents of Bavaria, Josephinenhütte, Maigrau, Eisch, Blomus, Casa del Rama, Designer's Guild, FBF, Project floors, Kriskadecor, ViPush, Scentered, The Fine Bedding Company and many more

In addition to the classic disciplines, we are also looking for an exchange with futurologists and cultural experts.

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